20+ Best T-shirt Dropshipping Companies - The Definitive Guide

Arya Shaw
2022/09/01 16:09

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       1. Best T-Shirt Dropshipping Companies

       2. Prime Factors to Choose the Best T-Shirt Dropshipping Sites

Before we dive into the list of top t-shirt dropshipping companies, let's have a precise understanding of Dropshipping process. It is a process where a retailer refers a consumer's order to the vendor partner, who then prepares, packs, and ships the order on the retailer's behalf.

While it comes to counting T-shirt dropshipping companies, China and US have excelled in providing credible print-on-demand companies. Last year, this custom t-shirt printing business engrossed a massive amount of around $4 billion.

The sole reason is that T-shirt designs and ideas cater to the taste of every age and generation, and dropshipping involves lease risks. This idea has grown swiftly, where retailers and vendors from around the world give each other a handsome business.

Best T-Shirt Dropshipping Companies

In the T-shirt Printing business, Retailers enjoy the perks of dropshipping stuff from suppliers. They don't need to invest in any manufacturing or printing machines. Also, the packaging and shipping are not their headache.

It may sound effortless, but still, you have to invest a lot of energy into designing T-Shirt arts, promoting and advertising your stuff, driving website traffic, and pushing audiences to buy your T-shirts.

Above all, it is to find the best T-shirt dropshipping company. Let's discuss which company can cater to your requirements in the most convenient way.

1- Print

Print is one of the most preferred t-shirt dropshipping companies for counting on-demand printing t-shirts. It has a vast customer list of about 4 million people.

With t-shirts, it offers other premium products that count custom printing mugs, backpacks, clothing, stickers, flip flops, posters, etc. It provides branding elements and customized packaging to promote your brand.

They have a 350+ product catalog and 480+ customizable t-shirt designs with free delivery over an order of $400. They also offer a 30% discount when you reach a certain amount.

This t-shirt dropshipping company can be integrated with more than 15 incredible store builders such as Shopify, Wix, Magento, WooCommerce, Squarespace, BigCommerce, PrestaShop, ShipStation, etc.

Other than that; you can connect Printful to in-demand marketplaces like Amazon, Wish, eBay, Etsy, etc., that collectively make up 26 different sales channels, API, and Marketplace.

There is no upfront fee for Printful users, and joining is free. You will need to pay once you have placed your first order. Worldwide delivery takes around two weeks, and shipment charges start from almost $4.

2- TeeSpring (Spring)

Teespring, popularly known as Spring, is another big name for counting print-on-demand t-shirt dropshipping companies that ship to China and US. They let you virtually design T-shirts and see a real-time look.

This t-shirt dropshipping company can be integrated with Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, Discord, Linktree, and many other platforms, which makes it a favorite for influencers because it offers an Instagram checkout option.

Additionally, it reduces the steps involved in purchasing a custom-printed T-shirt, consequently driving more consumer traffic to the e-commerce store. You can also see Pod hoodies, mugs, home accessories, leggings, and other stuff on TeeSpring.

Here, you can create and design your items to sell them on multiple social media platforms with the Spring Launched tool. You can also sell your designs on Teespring Marketplace.

To track your bulk orders, you have an Analytics dashboard. It offers free T-Shirt Printing while charging you once you get older. Moreover, they have basic shipping charges.

3- Printify

Printify is one of the best_ if not the best, on-demand-printed t-shirt dropshipping companies that have over 100 networks covering locations throughout the world. Moreover, it lets you compare the printing and shipment prices.

Printify offers free-of-cost custom designing tools that enable t-shirts selling e-commerce stores to sell their premium designs and drive more site traffic. With that, it serves with 600+ product designs catalog.

There are no order quantity minimums, so you can place minimum to bulk orders and avail of an additional 20% on premium packages.

T-Shirt Printing costs $7, while Shipment Cost starts from $4. Additionally, This t-shirt dropshipping company can be integrated with Shopify, PrestaShop, eBay, Squarespace, Etsy, BigCommerce, Wix, and API.

4- HugePOD

HugePOD is a well-recognized name in the custom printing industry and is certified as a t-shirt dropshipping company. The plus point is that they use eco-friendly chemicals for printing and bio-based fabrics.

Whether their huge price cut-off, 50% fewer production charges, environment-friendly printing services, or huge manufacturing network worldwide, this China-based company has aced the custom painting industry.

They offer global dropshipping within 2-3 days of placing an order with no minimum or maximum order quantity. Also, one can avail of an additional 10% discount on bulk orders.

They offer custom printing and branding elements with a free-of-cost design library. The T-shirt costs $4, and shipment charges start at $4. Printing, they offer embroidered t-shirts and other stuff.

This t-shirt dropshipping company can be integrated with Shopify, WooCommerce, Squarespace, ShopLine, Shoplazza, etc.

5- Shirtee

Shirtee is an ideal t-shirt dropshipping company that enables you to sell custom designs to an online store and local markets at very reasonable prices.

Shirtee offers personal Branding options, custom packaging, and private labeling. Also, they offer a convenient return/exchange management system. Worldwide order shipment takes approximately 2-15 days.

There are no minimum order numbers, so you can place small to bulk orders. In addition, they offer good quality and nature-friendly t-shirt fabric.

Printed T-shirts costs start from $8.

This t-shirt dropshipping company can be Integrated with Shopify, Etsy, PrestaShop, Wix, Rakuten, etc., whereas the worldwide shipping cost starts from almost $4.

6- Yoycol

Yoycol is a China-based POD t-shirt dropshipping company that sells up to 15 thousand products daily. The site offers a Free Mockup Generator service where you can design elements on t-shirts with advanced 3D designs.

It also offers almost 900 product catalogs and 1000+ free designs for t-shirts, hoodies, leggings, mugs, etc. Average shipment costs vary between $1-$25, while T-shirt printing costs around $4.

You can avail of an additional 2-5% discount on reaching a certain order threshold. It has no order minimums, and shipment takes 1-4 weeks, depending on the region.

Moreover, this t-shirt dropshipping company can be integrated with Shopify, Etsy, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, etc.


EPROLO is a China-based t-shirt dropshipping company that serves with a free and paid subscription plan where the latter allows you to apply personal branding elements like labels, hangtags, customized prints, and order packaging.

It offers T-shirt printing that starts from $8, and the Shippment cost initiates at $7 and offers 24/7 online consumer support. It offers more than 400 product catalogs in 100+ niches, and you can customize t-shirt elements.

This t-shirt dropshipping company can be integrated with Shopify, WooCommerce, eBay, SHOPLINE, Shoplazza, etc. Global shipment takes 1-3 weeks, depending on the delivery location. In addition, there is no fuss about minimum order quantity.

8- Printsome

Printsome is a trustworthy name for naming the best T-shirt dropshipping companies. It has over 16k satisfied consumers, which proves how convenient it is to dropship with Printsome.

The fabric quality, professional printing, and ease of ordering make it vouched by consumers worldwide.

It offers a range of complimentary product catalogs of hand-picked products. Printsome doesn't cost any monthly or subscription fee and cuts out a fixed rate per item sold. With an extensive experience in the garment printing industry, it offers 360 services to consumers.

It allows branding elements that assist in personal brand recognition through printing, labeling, and packaging. Also, there is no minimum order requirement, so that you can go from minimum to bulk order quantity.

This t-shirt dropshipping company can be integrated with Shopify Stores.

9- Teelaunch

Teelaunch is among the fastest custom and POD t-shirt dropshipping companies in the US that almost 215k store owners vouch for. With T-shirts, they offer a diverse product library.

It can be integrated with Etsy and Shopify. It supports Paypal, American Express, Payoneer, Visa, Discover, and Mastercard for payment integrations.

The average production takes 4-7 days, and shipment takes 4-12 days. Moreover, if you're looking for a t-shirt dropshipping company in the US that lets you add custom branding solutions, this might not be a solution for you.

The T-shirt costs $8, while shipping costs start at $5-6. At the same time, there are no subscription charges to sign up with the site. This t-shirt dropshipping company can be integrated with Shopify Stores.

10- AOP+

AOP refers to all-over-print products like t-shirts. This t-shirt dropshipping company offers a unique design tool that is easy to use, and shipment takes almost five days before dispatching it through the US, UK, and Europe. For more discounts and personalized add-ons, you can avail of their subscription plan for $12/month.

10k print-on-demand sellers trust AOP+. They have no minimum order quantity, and the subscription is free also. They offer 24/7 customer support. With in-house production, they check every order before shipping to ensure order quality.

They offer a wide range of free print designs, with branding, labeling, and custom packaging options. Also, the t-shirts are of good quality with biobased cotton stuff at cost-effective prices.

This t-shirt dropshipping company can be integrated with more than 12 e-commerce platforms like Etsy, Shopify, Amazon, Squarespace, WooComemerce, Magento, etc.

11- Pintura

It is a popular t-shirt dropshipping company for beginners with no minimum order quantity and high-quality printed T-shirts. They support branding preferences with custom printing, labeling, and packaging.

Order shipment to the US can take up to seven days, while the fastest delivery is done within 48 hours. They need 2-4 weeks for shipping orders to other regions. Shipping starts at $5.5, and printing is offered at economical prices.

With excellent 24/7 customer support, they also offer an easy return policy for defective orders.

This t-shirt dropshipping company can be integrated with Shopify, Etsy, STORENVY, Opencart, and WooCommerce. It has a vast client list of more than 15k companies and individual consumers.

12- Gooten

Gooten is a well-known T-shirt dropshipping company for beginners in the US. It is not only a good option for custom t-shirt dropshipping companies, but it also offers a diverse product line of more than 150 products.

They are a big name when shopping for printed home accessories, Fashion & Apparel, Baby stuff, pet, mugs, etc. The platform provides you with many custom branding options to promote personal branding.

With their VIM loyalty subscription, you can avail of rewards and dashboard insights to make decisions more consciously. They offer fast shipment with over 70 Global routing locations.

Median production takes two days, while the product is shipped within 4-5 days to the US. Global shipment may take 2-3 weeks.

This t-shirt dropshipping company can be integrated with Etsy, BigCommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce, etc.

13- SPOD

SPOD offers free print-on-demand and custom t-shirt designs. It doesn't charge you any sign-up or monthly fees. They offer up to 50k free design options, and you can avail 20% discount on sample orders. Its high-quality t-shirt prices are pretty reasonable.

With over20 years of POD industry experience, they have aced other T-shirt dropshipping companies in the production and delivery timings. 95% of their orders are completed within two days while shipping within 48 hours.

They shipped over 9.8 million recorded products in 2020, which shows their marvelous success in the printing industry. And their client satisfaction rate is nearly 9.8%, making them stand out from the rest of the crowd.

This t-shirt dropshipping company can be integrated with Etsy, Shopify, WooCommerce, Orderdesk, Squarespace, Magento, etc.

14- CustomCat

It is a US-based T-shirt dropshipping company that has been acting in the print-on-demand industry for the last 20 years. The site offers more than 550 product catalogs.

CustomCat enables you to implement your design ideas virtually on mockups. The design tools are user-friendly, and the seller can choose simple options to print on t-shirts. With t-shirts, they also offer mockups for custom mugs, ornaments, embroidered stuff, home accessories, masks, etc.

With over 50k global customers, this T-shirt dropshipping company is ideal for beginners with its easy-to-use design tool, unique print library, and quick domestic shipping at economical prices.

It offers a monthly subscription plan for $30 to avail of fantastic discounts on your POD t-shirt orders. CustomCat usually takes 2-3 days to deliver an order in the US and two weeks to ship orders globally.

It can be integrated with Etsy, Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, etc.

15- Apliiq

Apliiq is another trustworthy name for counting US-based t-shirt dropshipping companies. It offers custom-printed t-shirts with custom woven labels, as the manufacturers don't attach their labels.  

With t-shirts, they offer hoodies, leggings, jeggings, jackets, sweatshirts, etc. There are no minimum orders, and you can avail of discounts up to 55% on bulk POD t-shirts ordered from more than 150 countries.

While ordering, they give a confirmed Shipment date and free shipping over an order of $100. For payment gateway integration, you can choose between Visa card, Mastercard, Paypal, American Express, and Discover Network.

This t-shirt dropshipping company can be integrated with Shopify stores!


Actually, Sellfy is a famous e-commerce platform for you to selling all kinds of products, no matter they are online products or physical products. Once you have registered Sellfy, you will have a huge range selection of products categories, which includes T-shirt. So if you’re someone who is finding T-shirt dropshipping companies, Sellfy will be a good choice.

Sellfy offers large quantities of eco-friendly products to e-commerce businessman, as well as T-shirt. The other advantage is that all of their print-on-demand items are CPSIA compliant.

Sellfy is a platform with rather high competitiveness to Shopify. It has partnered up with Zapier in which you are able to get in touch with more than 2000 third-party apps. Sellfy will never be a bad choice for e-commerce and dropshipping startups.


CJDropshipping is now a highly discussed topic. Look around the world, CJDropshipping is one of  the most famous T-shirt dropshipping suppliers. You can get anything you want in CJDropshipping, of course including T-shirt. And it also provide print-on-demand service.

The most remarkable benefit of CJDropshipping is that its warehouses distribute all over the world. So you can doing dropshipping business with customers in almost any country. CJDropshipping also has app to connect to your e-commerce stores like eBay and WooCommerce, that’s can benefit your operation process.


Though Spreadshirt is diverse platform for various products such as bags, arts, and mugs, it’s absolutely a significant T-shirt dropshipping company for e-commerce startups. In here, you can personalize and design your own goods.

However, Spreadshirt has an impressed flaw is that you can’t sale too much on it. Their payout options has an initial commission at 20%, and the maximum you can reach is 40% on top of that, with something called a volume commission.

So, to sum up, Spreadshirt is a T-shirt dropshipping company suitable for startups who want to test their design and sales situation, but not suitable for long term business.


RedBubble is a platform gathered both supplier and marketplace in one. So you can have your own RedBubble shop and sell your own products on the RebBubble marketplace. Though it’s not an outstanding T-shirt dropshipping supplier, you can use it for T-shirt dropshipping. And for RedBubble, you can join it for free.


I think there is no need to mention how famous and useful Alibaba is, even for business startups. As China’s top e-commerce platform, Alibaba is kind like the paradise of e-commerce business. You can find all kinds of products in China, not to mention T-shirt. Alibaba covers a variety of T-shirt dropshipping companies in here. And it’s typically useful for bulk order.

Moreover, if you’re e-commerce startups who are willing to sell private label products and want to custom your own brand, Alibaba would be very useful. 


Similiar to Alibaba, Aliexpress is a platform full with T-shirt dropshipping companies and suppliers. There are many dropshipping friendly T-shirt suppliers in Aliexpress, and most of them will offer you private services just like Alibaba.

How to find a good T-shirt supplier in Aliexpress? You should always look at the customers reviews at first, if the reviews are not bad, then you can concern about ordering sample. Remember, never order in bulk at first, check the sample’s quality in the beginning. With the sample, you can check the shipping time as well as the supplier’s services.

Though most sellers in Aliexpress are from China, many of them have fulfillment centers around the world. So you can choose them depending on the distance to shorten the delivery time.

22-Design by Humans

Design by Humans is a special platform compared with the platforms we have introduced in above. It has great limitation on products and profits. You can not import the products on Design by Humans to your online store. You can just sell their products on their marketplace.

A huge disadvantage for Design by Humans is that it doesn’t allow sellers to set their own profit margin on products. For example, you get $3 profit for selling a T-shirt, and can not be higher. So if you want to doing business in this platform, it’s hard for you to live.


With over 5000 suppliers in Chinabrands platform and worldwide product fulfillment service, it’s a good choice for T-shirt suppliers.

Chinabrands integrates with various e-commerce startups such as Shopify, Wish, and so on.

Many Dropshipping suppliers on Chinabrands offer PoD or T-shirt dropshipping services. Once you find suitable T-shirt dropshipping companies in Chinabrands, you can get in touch with them via email or some other channels, and then do the service you need.


Just like Design by Humans, Teepublic is also a PoD company with fixed royalties for products you sell. The difference is it pays their sellers slightly higher amounts. For instance, you sell a T-shirt on Teepublic, you get $4 and no more than that.

The advantage of Teepublic is that it’s totally free to register, design and sell through it. So in the quiz stage, you won't need to invest too much.

Prime Factors to Choose the Best T-Shirt Dropshipping Sites

Before you opt for any T-shirt Dropshipping company, you must cross-check these points:

1- Pricing

The prime factor that drags us to some specific t-shirt dropshipping companies in the US or China is their pricing. You must spend some time searching for companies offering cost-effective order placements to attract consumer traffic.

2- Custom Printing

Custom printing can be a big plus because that can work as a magnet to appeal to more consumer traffic to your site. Customers can design their elements to be printed on the t-shirts. And your customer satisfaction rate amplifies if the order comes out to be exactly as printed.

3- Printing Method

You can check the printing method of the T-shirt dropshipping company, i.e., direct-to-garment or screen printing.

4- Mock-up Generator

Some t-shirt dropshipping companies offer design mockup generators, where users can arrange elements to create their desired t-shirt print design. Some dropshipping websites offer mockup generators for free, while others charge for them.

5- Estimated Preparation Time

Consumers may get annoyed if the order delivery takes a little longer time. So you should look at the order completion time that a drop shipper offers.

6- Branding Elements

When you integrate a t-shirt dropshipping company, you must see if they offer to print your logo, labels, and packagings on order.

7- API Access

You must check if the t-shirt dropshipping company can be integrated into the e-commerce platform or marketplace.

8- Shipment Methods

Location is a must-consider thing when selecting the best t-shirt dropshipping company because you should go to the one in the nearest vicinity of the consumer. It helps in shipping the package conveniently.

t-shirt dropshipping suppliers factors

Final Words

Your e-commerce store can successfully drive more audiences to your website to place optimal orders if and only if your store offers them more than expected, especially in the regions like China and the US, where you have a lot of competition.

Your T-shirt dropshipping company can help you shine out in the mediocre with the values and services they offer. So, be utmost conscious while choosing the one.

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