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face cleanser
face cleanser
face cleanser
face cleanser
face cleanser

Cleanser Vibration Massage Beauty Tester


Color: White / Yellow / Pink / Blue

Size: 20*15*8CM
Material: ABS+Electronic components

Power Supply Mode: No.5 dry battery

Power: 0.3 w     
Certification: CE / FCC / ROHS

MOQ: 2000

Color: White / Yellow / Pink / Blue

Exported Countries: Europe / America / Asia
Place of Origin: ShenZhen, China

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Detailed Introduction:

●【Clean】 Acoustic vibration, more convenient to open pores, dredge internal blockage, cleansing more thoroughly

●【Water proof】Whole body waterproof design, IPX6 waterproof grade, easy to use

●【Convenience】 The brush head is detachable and can be washed directly to remove residual materials

●【effective】Silicone brush head +PBT brush replacement cleaning head, accelerate muscle circulation massage, increase skin elasticity

●【Powerful cleaning】2 speed vibration: 1 speed low speed cleaning massage mode, 2 speed cleaning mode; 6000 times/min high frequency vibration, for skin pollution to remove turbidity