Alex Pang28,Oct,2022 0
Exported Country: United State
Customer: Ecommerce Website
Difficulties: 1. There was a very small copper fitting inside of the twist lock. The original accessory factory no longer produced this accessory, so the twist lock supplier had to find a new accessory factory to make it. However, as the twist lock was patented by this supplier and the copper fitting was also special, it was difficult to find a new matching supplier. 2. The number of orders was small and it was difficult to change to a new supplier to make a new product, which involved breaking the molds. 3. There were some differences in the color and style of the twist lock between the samples made by the new supplier and the initial order.
Batman Bluetooth speaker-Ruizhisourcing
Alex Pang13,Sep,2022 0
Exported Country: ENGLAND & EU
Customer: E-commerce
Difficulties: Ⅰ. The problem of discoloration of Bluetooth speaker mesh. II. The problem of the logo coming off slightly when tested with 3M tape. iii. The problem of batteries not being marked with a capacity code on the surface.
Bicycle water bottle-ruizhi sourcing
Alex Pang13,Jul,2022 0
Exported Country: Vietnam
Customer: Chain Retail
Difficulties: Original supplier price increases; customization does not meet the minimum order quantity required by the factory; replace the packaging from the Client's requirment; urgent delivery after order confirmation
Swimming shorts font-Ruizhi sourcing
Alex Pang12,Jul,2022 0
Exported Country: USA&EU
Customer: Ecommerce Website
Difficulties: Difficulties in the functional treatment of fabrics for water resistance / Shorts colour printing treatment difficulties / the shape of the trousers is too monotonous and the overall design needs more pockets / Difficulties of logo size and colour drop treatment / Difficulties in stitching and splicing
ruizhisourcing-Perfume bottle covers
Alex Pang13,Jun,2022 0
Exported Country: United Kingdom
Customer: British famous surface treatment company
Difficulties: Visualize the customer's vision into a productionable design How to adapt the structural parts after die sinking Gold appearance processing / white bottle paint and flying paint
Ruizhisourcing custom bag for Zendira
Alex Pang01,Apr,2022 0
Exported Country: United State
Customer: Independent e-commerce client Zendira
Difficulties: 1.The inter layer / front bag of the handbag cannot be closed; of hand-held band, logo printed on the button of the inner bag is blurry; 3.shoulder strap should be anti-breaking and firm.

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