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Q Pallet

A portable platform for handling, storing, or moving materials and packages. Usually made of wood or plastic.

Q Parcel

A package sent through the mail.

Q PO Box

A numbered box in a post office assigned to a person or organization, where mail for them is kept until collected.

Q Signature Confirmation

You require a signature for your package to be delivered.

Q Tariff

A tax or duty to be paid on a particular class of imports or exports.

Q Will Ruizhi sourcing be willing to share your factories address and contacts?

Should you need it, we do provide supplier information at cost depending on your product complexity, ranging between $100-$600. The deadline is before you place the production order. Why would we provide the supplier’s information to you? Being your trusted business partner is the primary goal of our company. We are always transparent with our service, price, and processes. Why we charge you? The reason we charge you for supplier’s information is because of our labor cost and effort to collect all different suppliers’ information and provide you the best options. Why we cannot provide the supplier’s info after you placed the order? We spent a lot of time and effort to build the supplier chain for you at that time point. A lot of hard work has been done and we hope this could be recognized.

Q I would also like to ask if you specialize in any specific area or products?

We have sourcing experience for all sorts of products, especially in the areas of homeware, jewelry, electronic products and product engineering etc. We have professional purchasing managers who can find competitive products for most customers.

Q Do you accept the discount/kickback or referral fees from the factory?

Ruizhi sourcing will not accept kickbacks from the factory, because the final price will be reflected in the quotation we give our customers, whether our quotation is competitive, whether our service is to reduce a lot of unnecessary trouble for customers, this is our core competitiveness as a sourcing company, we just want to put profits in our professional areas rather than this kind of grey area.

Q How do you qualify the factory to make sure their products and on time delivery are dependable?

We work with factories closely. We tracked the entire manufacturing process. Our staff will supervise the factory’s process to make sure each step went well so that the products and on-time delivery are dependable. In addition, because we have so many years of experience in sourcing, we know many factories well already. Absolutely, we have familiarized ourselves with all these certifications since we start our business.
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