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How to Find The Best China Toys Factory?

Why do most sellers go to China to find the Best China toy factory or suppliers and purchase toys? China has overtaken global toy exports by contributing a significant chunk of almost 70% to the global toy market. When you think about importing toys, there is no better choice as China toy production spots ace the industry by providing quality and versatility at minimal prices, Then let’s discuss how to find a suitable or best China toy manufacturer or factory in China.

Why choose the China toy factory?

1. The supply chain is very complete, toy products include sewing, electronics, steel, plastic, and other links, and all of these raw materials can be found in a very suitable supply chain in China.

2. Although the biggest advantage of some Southeast Asian countries over China is that labor prices are lower, the labor efficiency of Chinese workers is the highest in the world. People in the toy industry estimate that Chinese skilled workers are twice as efficient as Vietnamese workers. three times as efficient as Thai workers

3. There are about 400 million middle-class consumers in the Chinese market, and their incomes are growing, so investors in the toy industry at home and abroad will set up factories closest to the consumer market.

Based on the above three reasons, many well-known brands such as Lego、POP MART、MATTEL、kids2, etc have chosen to set up factories in China to produce toys. That’s why China accounts for 70% of the world’s toy production.

How about China toy safety?

According to a sample survey released by an international environmental protection agency, a very small proportion of plastic toys in the China market contain phthalate esters that are harmful to children’s health. It is reported that at present, the European Union, the United States, Southeast Asia, and other countries have banned the production and sale of toys containing the substance. The reporter’s survey also found that a considerable number of color toys contain a variety of excessive heavy metals that endanger health, while there are also a large number of toys with heavy metals that meet Chinese standards and exceed EU standards.

The following picture shows the scale of the recall of Chinese toys in the United States and Europe from 2015 to 2018, as the quality standards of Chinese toys gradually meet  the United States safety standard, while the European Union began updating safety standards for toys from 2013, posing new challenges for Chinese factories.

Number of China toys recalled by US CPSC and EU RAPEX from 2005 to 2018-Ruizhi sourcing

Number of China toys recalled by US CPSC and EU RAPEX from 2005 to 2018

In the national standard of toys in China, there are limited provisions for 8 kinds of heavy metals, including lead, cadmium, mercury and so on, which is the same as the original EU regulations on heavy metals for toys. And PRC promulgate Chinese Toy Safety Standards new GB 6675-2014, a replacement to GB 6675-2003 at 2016. for buyers who want to import from China sourcing regular and fully qualified factories is the key to ensuring product quality. That will make toys made in China safe.

As mentioned in this article, through the development of China’s reform and development for more than 25 years, Toys made in China are produced in many cities, which cities are the focus, the focus of toys produced in each city, as well as the advantages and disadvantages, please refer to our last article.“2023 Guide About Famous Production Cities for Chinese Toys

5 Way to Find the Best China toy suppliers in China?

1. Where to find the best China toys manufacturers in China?

  • Trade fairs of the toys industry in China or worldwide countries
  • Online B2B platforms in China
  • Sourcing company, agents, or buying offices in China
  • Linkedin
  • Search on Google or Bing

1.1 Find China toy wholesalers from toys exhibitions in China

To attend different trade fairs in China or worldwide countries is a MUST-do task for many professional toy buyers. You are easy approach many toy factories in the exhibitions.

 Exhibitions  Time  Address  Highlight
Guangzhou International Toy & Hobby Fair  May.9-May.11 Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center  The oldest toy exhibition in China
Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair  Jan.9-Jan.12 HongKong International Convention and

Exhibition Center

 Asia’s largest and second international toy fair in the world
 China Toys Expo  Mar.30-Apr.1


Shenzhen International Convention and

Exhibition Center

Shanghai New International Expo Center

Chenghai (Shantou) International Toys & Gifts Fair  Apr.12-Apr.15 Chenghai,shantou,Chenghai P.A.Internationla Toys Sourcing Center  Toy Capital of China
 Yiwu Toy Exhibition  Sep.2-Sep.4 Yiwu International Expo Center ——
Shenzhen Toys and Educational Products Exhibition  Aug.5-Aug.7 Shenzhen International Convention and

Exhibition Center


Some famous exhibitions of the toy industry in China are Guangzhou International Toy & Hobby Fair;Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair;China toys expo; Chenghai (Shantou) International Toys & Gifts Fair etc.

HongKong Toys exhibition in China 2022-Ruizhi sourcing

HongKong Toys exhibition in China 2023

Tips for attending exhibitions:

You can contact some of your target Chinese toy suppliers before visiting a show. Try to arrange a meeting time with them in advance. in this case, the toy factory in China will leave more time to discuss with you.

Top 10 Toys Exhibition Must Visit If Buy From Shantou Toys Market

1.2 Online B2B platforms in China

Despite attending toy exhibitions, you can also find toy manufacturers from Chinese online platforms. The toys manufacturers in China most frequently use the following Chinese B2B online platforms; Such as Alibaba / Global Source / Made in China / DHGate/; You can search on these B2B platforms and contact some toys manufacturers for details, following is an email template I use to contract manufacturers in China:

    Hi, [name of toys factories]

    I am [your name] from [your company name] company. 

    I am interested in (product name or item No. of the toy factories). May I ask some questions first: 

    What is the moq? 

    What is the price of (product name of the toy manufacturers) based on moq? 

    What’s the price if I increase the amount?

    Can you let me know the lead time based on the minimum quantity? 

    Can you do OEM or ODM?

    I need a sample first to verify your product quality. Can you indicate the sample cost, including shipping to:

    [Your address]

   Thank you, 

   [Your name]

Tips: Do remember not to write too short or too long emails for the first time(100-200 words). There are many crammers sending emails to different suppliers on the B2B marketplace every day. So many China toy wholesalers ignore those emails that look like spam. If you want to get reply from these toy suppliers, write a concise and well-organized email is a must.

 1.3 Try sourcing companies to help you find the Best China toy factory for you

If you are not experienced enough with the toys supplying management, you can cooperate with some sourcing agent or buying offices in China to help you find professional toys manufacturers.

Generally, sourcing companies or buying offices are very professional in identifying qualified China toy factory. Relying on them can save you a lot of time during sourcing, and most of the time they can help you get a better price.

Some sourcing companies (they are focus on toy supply chain) in China you can start with:

  • rz-sourcing.com – recommended for Amazon seller & small business (crowdfunding entrepreneur)
  • TonySourcing.com – recommended for retailer, wholesalers, both small & large businesses
  • Supplyia.com – recommended for medium & small business, Amazon sellers
  • 86.toys – recommended for medium & large businesses

 1.4 Use Linkedin as one of your sourcing methods

There are many China toy wholesalers, distributors and factories are publishing their company file or personal introduction on LinkedIn. You can approach some proper Chinese toy suppliers on LinkedIn as well.

sourcing toy factories in Linkdin-Ruizhi sourcing

1.5 Search on Google or BIng

Search on Google or Bing is not a secret, there are a few search strings that help you to search on Google:

  • #1 “keywords” + factory+China
  • #2 “keywords” + wholesale+factory+China
  • #3 “keywords” + supplier+China
  • #4 “keywords” + factory+wholesale+China

Search Toy factories on Goolge-Ruizhi sourcing

2. Things You Should Know When Finding China toy wholesales company or Toys factories in China

  • Identify the wholesaler, sourcing companies, and toys manufacturers
  • Find Chinese wholesale toys manufacturers according to your business capacity
  • Choose the wholesale toys manufacturers who can provide test reports
  • Choose the toys manufacturers who have a formal manufacturing system
  • Divide toys manufacturers into apparel manufacturers and fabrics suppliers

    2.1 Identify the wholesale companies

Identifying the different suppliers on the B2B marketplace is your first job, are they traders, wholesalers, or direct toy factories?

You can have a brief understanding of a supplier by reviewing their company page on Alibaba or Global Source. Generally, yoThe negative point is that few manufacturers in China pay attention to online marketing, so it is not easy to find them from the top 10 search results, you’ll have to trawl through many pages until you see some Chinese legitimate toy manufacturers, Now you know where to find China toy factories.

Imagine that, you make full efforts to try to deal with 20 toy factories in China, you are entirely in a mess every day, tired of communicating and managing all kinds of stuff with different toy factories such as delivery, quality, inspection, logistics, etc.

For big companies, are professionals in the toys supplying chain management, dealing with toy manufacturers in China is not that difficult for them.

But what about the newbies? Is it worthwhile to put all your attention on managing and searching for the best toy suppliers and lessen your time in selling and promoting the clothes? I guess you’ve come up with your decision. Rely on China sourcing agent to take care of your toy chain management and put all your attention on the selling and promotion will boost your business dramatically.

  • Choose from 500+ China toys suppliers, 100,000,00+ items
  • Directly from China toy manufacturer, maximum save 60% cost
  • Ruizhi sourcing provides a 1-stop service to handle all
  • get toys buying knowledge support,Ruizhi sourcing team will be your partner

Sounds good? Contact us today to purchase all your toys at “rz-sourcing.com”.

So you know how to find the toy factories in China and you know who to work with for your toy business. In the following part, I am going to show you some frequently asked questions in the toy industry. In the next part, I am going to share with you the things you need to know when finding toys manufacturers in China.

you can understand their business role by checking their business license.

According to this business license, you can notice that it’s a textile fabric manufacturer which is focusing on exporting.

If you can’t find notification of “production,” “manufacturing” or a specific production procedure in the supplier’s business scope, in most cases, they are traders. Such vendors are also listing a diverse choice of product categories in the business scope.

 2.2 Find China toy wholesales companies according to your business capacity

Don’t look for the big toy factories only. Big toy manufacturers in China are recommended for big companies because they require a significant MOQ, and they are quite busy dealing with big clients who will leave less energy focusing on supporting small businesses.

Small businesses are recommended to find small or medium-sized toy manufacturers with qualified goods provided. You will get a low minimum order quantity requirement from those vendors.

What’s more, compared to big toy factories, the small or medium-sized toy manufacturers will put more attention to supporting and serving small businesses. In this case, small businesses will get better service from those vendors.

 2.3 Choose the China toy wholesales companies who can provide test reports

There are many certificates or test reports required when exporting toys to the USA, EU, Australia, and some other countries.

The prior choice is to choose the toy manufacturers who can provide you the complete certificates or testing reports, such as SGS test reports, SST test reports, etc.

 2.4 Choose China toy factory who have a formal manufacturing system

Many professional manufacturers are equipped with excellent manufacturing systems, such as ISO 9001:2008. Generally, the quality standard from manufacturers of ISO 9001:2008 will be better than those who don’t have the certification.

Besides, the toy manufacturers who can provide BSCI and Sedex certification are the ones you need to put in your priority suppliers list.


Toys Manufacturing In China | Top 10 Toy Factory Cities

We all know that China toys have achieved a dominant position in the world market, which brings great export volumes every year. Though under the influence of COVID-19, China toys exports is maintaining a stable growth in 2022 with the upgrading industrial chain. People know there are lots of toys markets in China. However, when it comes to Toys Manufacturing In China, generally they cannot figure out which exact place or city these toys are being made.

China toys market, like Yiwu toys wholesale market, usually serves as a platform which displays various kinds of toys for clients to buy. Toys inside are actually manufactured by factories from different cities of China and for sure, Yiwu is a one of them. Normally, each city has its own production chain and focuses on manufacturing several kinds of toys only. If you have selected toys kinds to import and want to visit related toys factories, following 10 places could be your priority.

No1. Chenghai District, Shantou City

Chenghai Toys Wholesale Market is located in Shantou City, Guangdong Province. It was the first region to engage in toys production and no doubt a very typical place for toys manufacturing in China. Here are more than 10 thousand toys factories that constitute a great production base. Compared to Yiwu, its higher raw material costs and higher labor costs sometimes result in higher product prices. Nonetheless, thanks to its strong ability of toys development, Shantou Chenghai is continuously holding a lead in high-grade toys with an abundant production chain in China toy market,

Key toy category: Electrical Toys / Remote Control Toys / Plastic Toys / Intelligent Toys /Alloy Toys

Address: Chenghai Toys Wholesale Market

No2. Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province

Yiwu is well known for Yiwu International Trade City, a super large commodities wholesale market. Thousands of businessmen who need cheaper but not that bad quality goods are attracted to visit and purchase every year. The market is divided into 5 districts and the toys shops are located in 1st Floor, District 1. On the top front of corridors, there are 4 signs respectively says, regular toys, electronic toys, inflatable toys, plush toys.

Basically, Yiwu toys wholesale market is a suppliers exhibition platform . Here you could find toys manufacturers from all over China. But just by looking at Yiwu’s Toys Manufacturing, the production chain focuses on,

Key toy category: PVC Inflatable Toys / Vinyl Toys / Plastic Toys

Address: Yiwu Toys Wholesale Market

No3. Yangzhou City (扬州市),Jiangsu province

Yangzhou city is famous for its plush toys manufactures in China. Over 2000 plush toys factories here are continuously supplying plush dolls, stuffed animals, soft toys to toys importers across the world. According to the statistics, in 2016, Yangzhou even occupied 95% share of China stuffed toys export volume.

As long as you are a plush toy fanatic, you may hear Yangzhou Wutinglong International Toys & Gift City (扬州五亭龙国际玩具礼品城), a huge stuffed toys market who is covering 180,000 square meters with over 4,500 toys shops.

Address:Yangzhou Wutinglong International Toys & Gift City

Apart from plush toys, currently Yangzhou Caodian Town (曹甸镇) is rapidly developing on its educational toys producing. During 2021, over 300 factories of this town made hundred million sales for learning toys. Obviously, for Yangzhou City, the production chain focuses on:

Key toy category: Plush Toys / Educational Toys for Toddlers

No4. Qiaoxia County, Wenzhou City (温州永嘉县桥下镇)

Qiaoxia County is located in Yongjia District, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province. The educational toys industry of Qiaoxia Town began in 1970s, mainly produced teaching wall charts in the beginning, and then gradually developed into amusement toys and facilities. Now it has over 500 toys factories with an annual output value of RMB 5 billion, which takes over a large proportion of total educational toys export in China.

Therefore, in Wenzhou City, the production chain focuses on,

Key toy category: Science Toys / Educational Toys

Address: Qiaoxia Town Educational Toys

No5. Pingxiang County, Xingtai City (邢台平乡县),Hebei province

Pingxiang county is located in Xingtai City, Heibei Province. Bicycle industry of Pingxiang emerged in the late 1970s, with 30 years development, it had become the most dynamic and potential pillar industry in this county. Nevertheless, since 2000, the traditional bicycle industry got a certain influence by the popularization of motorcycles and cars. Under the big economic pressure, the factories of Pingxiang began to actively think about changes and strive to make innovation based on the original industry.

Baby vehicles, as one of the most typical and common baby products, became a new good option. Because seeing the great potential, Pingxiang companies started to incorporate the kids vehicles into their own production lines. From early baby bicycles to present new style walkers, scooters, strollers, etc, the kids vehicles industry of Pingxiang is keeping growing.

As reported by Chinese government, in 2010, Pingxiang has over 700 factories with an annual output value of RMB 500 million. Products are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Africa, etc areas. Hence for Pingxiang county.

Key toy category: Ride On Cars / Kids Scooters / Kids Bicycles & Tricycles / Other Kids Vehicles / Pingxiang County Ride On Cars 

No6. Yunhe County, Lishui City (丽水云和县),Zhejiang Province

Yunhe county is located in Lishui City, Zhejiang Province. People in Yunhe are ingenious and full of imagination & creativity. Since 1976, the wooden toys industry started to flourish with the great efforts of Yunhe people. By 2003, this small country only had a population of 110,000, while at the same time there are over 500 wooden toys factories with an annual output value of RMB 1.5 billion. That accounted for 50% of China wooden toys export volume.

For the time being, there are over 1000 wooden toys companies in Yunhe and its products cover all age groups from infants to the elderly. Undoubtedly, for Yunhe county, the production chain is,

Key toy category: Wooden Toys

Address: Yunhe Wooden Toys – Toys Manufacturing In China

No7. Jieyang City (广东揭阳),Guangdong Province

Jieyang city is located in Guangdong Province. By 2020, with an increase of 58.5%, Jieyang’s toys export volume has exceeded $400 million, which successfully swept into the leading position of Guangdong toys industry. Among that, the barbie dolls industry contributed a lot and took up a large proportion in annual output value. Until today, there are over 500 barbie dolls factories in Jieyang. Apparently, for Jieyang City, the production chain focuses on.

Key toy category: Barbie Dolls / Dolls

Address: Jieyang City Barbie Dolls

No8. Dongguan City (东莞),Guangdong Province

Dongguan city is located in Guangdong Province. Back in 1990s, Dongguan has already formed the toys industrial chain with more than 90% toys exported to Europe and United States. In its heyday, there were 4000 toys factories registered and another 2000 companies related to toys industry launched. According to the public data, China toys export accounts for 75% of the global market, and nearly half of them are manufactured by Dongguan factories. Hong Kong exports over HK$ 100 billion every year, among them, around 70% are made in Dongguan. This is why we called Dongguan as a veritable “World Toys Production City”.

Nowadays, Dongguan is facing weaknesses such as high labor intensity, low added value and lack of branding, which prompts its factories to seek transformation. Despite that, the professional production chain still has great productivity level and focuses on,

Key toy category: Barbie Dolls / Inflatable Toys / Educational Toys / Science Toys / Alloy Toys

Address: Dongguan Toys Factory – Educational Toys, Inflatable Toys

No 9. Baigou Town, Baoding City (保定白沟镇), Heibei Province

Baigou town is located in Baoding City, Heibei Province. Through last couple of years, the plush toys industry in Baigou town has developed very quickly and people there are getting wealthier. Moreover, there are more than 300 stores in Baigou Plush Toys Market and over 600 merchants across China have settled in. Meanwhile, factories in Baigou are gradually standardized and systemized, which lay firm foundations for more toys exports in near future. So for Baigou town, the production chain focuses on,

Key toy category: Plush Toys / Baoding Baigou Plush Toys

Address: Baoding Baigou Plush Toys

No 10. Gaomi City (高密市), Shandong Province

Gaomi city is located in Weifang City, Shandong Province. Historically, the plush toys industry of Gaomi started in 1990s. With years of development, the local toys factories have grown from household small workshops into independent enterprises. By 2006, Gaomi had thousands of toys companies with annual sales of more than RMB 300 million. Within 2011, Gaomi plush toys industry achieved annual income of more than $ 15 million and its over 1000 kinds of plush toys are becoming very popular in overseas markets.

Up to now, with the obvious product characteristics and regional advantages. Gaomi has occupied a certain market share in China plush toys industry. Thereby, for Gaomi city, the production chain focuses on:

If you are just starting toys business, I would suggest toys markets for you to reach different suppliers with diverse products. Learn how to import toys from China in this post. However, when you are experienced in toys import, or even can be an expert at couple of toy kinds, in this case, you could visit these production places and contact directly with factories.

Key toy category: Plush Toys / Gaomi City Stuffed Animals

Advantages and Differences of Toy Production Bases in China

Chinese toy enterprises have significant regional distribution characteristics, mainly concentrated in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai and other coastal areas, these provinces and cities are also relatively mature areas of China’s toy industry.

Among the product types, toy enterprises in Guangdong Province mainly produce electric and plastic toys; toy enterprises in Zhejiang Province mainly produce wooden toys; and toy enterprises in Jiangsu Province mainly produce plush toys and animal dolls. Guangdong is the largest toy production and export base in China, and Shantou/Chenghai, as one of the areas with the most concentrated toy production enterprises, the highest ability of scientific and technological innovation and the highest scientific and technological content of products in Guangdong, has formed a more mature and complete industrial ecology. the effect of industrial cluster is obvious.

Province City Key Toy Category Features
Guangdong Chenghai





Steam ToyScience Toys

Electrical Toys

Remote Control Toys

Plastic Toys

Intelligent Toys

Alloy Toys

Barbie Dolls


1. The advantage of Steam toy is obvious, because Guangdong Province itself is a major manufacturer of electronics and intelligent hardware.

2. The overall price range is from high to low, and there are two well-known toy production capitals in the world-famous chenghai city and Jieyang city.

Zhejiang Yiwu



Wooden Toys

PVC Inflatable Toys

Vinyl Toys

Plastic Toys

Science Toys

Educational Toys

1. Yiwu is a world-renowned goods distribution center, there are many toys production and wholesale

2. Yunhe is a professional wooden toy capital.

Jiangsu Yangzhou Plush toys,

Animal dolls

Plush Toys

Educational Toys for Toddlers

The core toy production city is Yangzhou, and the advantage is Plush toys.
Hebei Pingxiang


Ride On Cars

Kids Scooters

Kids Bicycles & Tricycles

Other Kids Vehicles

Animal dolls

Pingxiang and Baoding are not well known in global toy manufacturing, but they are well known among Chinese toy buyers, especially children’s scooters.
Shandong Gaomi Plush Toys A famous city in China that produces Plush toys.

2023-2024 Trend of product development in toy supply chain

As You know, China is a big toy producer and exporter, supplying 70% of the world’s toys. In 2021, China’s toy exports reached $48 billion, an increase of 38% over the same period last year. In the domestic market, the retail sales of toys for the whole year was  $12.7 billion, an increase of 10% over the same period last year. it is a market of the order of $31.5 billion for China domestic and abroad.

However, in the traditional impression, although the scale of China’s toy industry is large, it has always been at the bottom of the industrial value chain, either exporting and processing plush toys with low profit margins, as Rongcheng County did before, or making domestic knockoff versions of foreign famour toys brand. Hardly on the table. Now, that impression needs to be renewed. In fact, more and more technology players are crowding into the toy track, and smart toys have become a new outlet in China’s technology industry. For example, the smart toy brand Tianma Starsky, founded by Alibaba, just completed round A financing in May this year.

There are many kinds of intelligent toys in the market, including VR toys that can experience virtual reality, toy drones that can fly remotely, robot dogs, robots and so on. In addition, there are programmable robots that have caught fire in the past two years, and children can assemble robots and control their movements by learning simple programs. At first, the programming robot track was monopolized by big companies such as Lego and Sony, but now a group of Chinese professional players have been born.

In the first quarter of this year, sales of programmable robots on JD rose 280% compared with the same period last year. Even for less high-tech educational toys, traditional toys such as jigsaw puzzles, building blocks and jigsaw puzzle have long been the main characters. What is popular in recent years is the “STEAM toy” that focuses on scientific enlightenment.

STEAM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics. This kind of toy is developed around these concepts. One of the main themes of STEAM toys is scientific practice, such as letting children connect circuits, assemble traffic lights, DIY binoculars, or do small chemical experiments, where children memorize the science behind the toys as they play. In the first quarter of this year, Taobao‘s STEAM toy sales increased 46% compared with the same period last year. Bellow is the steam toy sales which are ranking top7 in US 2022.

Steam toy sales ranking in US-Ruizhi sourcing

In addition to toys for children, collectible toys for adults are also popular. Blind box is a kind of toy collection, in addition to blind box, there are plush toys, hand-made, assembled models and so on. Although collecting toys has nothing to do with science and technology, its development is closely related to the economic level and cultural innovation level of a country. In short, China’s toy industry is tearing off the low-end, copycat label and moving towards science and technology and originality.

With inflating income levels of urban dwellers and rising standards of living, a shift has been witnessed from conventional toys to innovative electronic and plush toys. Moreover, the recent relaxation of the one-child policy in China has also added a large number of new-borns to the population, thereby expanding the consumer base of the toys market.

China Toys Market Drivers/Constraints:

The increasing domestic demand for toys in China is currently being catalysed by the country’s economic growth and rising disposable incomes. China has exhibited strong GDP growth rates for the last several decades and now represents the world’s second largest economy. Owing to this fact, the middle-class population is increasing in the region. People have more disposable incomes and their spending patterns have also changed. This has resulted in a transition from traditional, low-end battery-operated toys, towards innovative electronic toys, intelligent toys as well as high-end plush toys and decorative cloth toys.

The relaxation of the one-child policy in 2013 in favor of a two-child plan has brought an influx of newborns in China. In 2016, China implemented the two-child policy completely under the 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-2020). According to the Hong Kong Trade and Development Council, the two-child policy has resulted in adding 2.4 million newborns in China each year. This is expected to expand the consumer base for toys creating a positive impact on the market.

There are large variety of toys currently available in the toys market in China. The diverse product category ranges from traditional plush toys, construction and building toys, dolls, board games and puzzles to high-end electronic toys, educational toys, ride-ons, up-market plush toys and dolls. There are toys which are domestically produced by small, medium and large manufactures and also there are products from renowned international brands. Each toy category has inexpensive and high-end versions. This large product portfolio along with their varied price ranges are able to cater to the consumers from different incomes groups, thereby bolstering the market growth.

Buy toys online in China have recently witnessed a boom in China with the evolution of smartphones and other digital media. As the quality and features of products can be discussed among shoppers, and prices can be compared on various platforms, the online sales channels represents one of the fastest growing distribution channels for toys in China. Few of the major e-commerce platforms for toys are T-Mall, Taobao, jd.com etc. These toys online China platforms provide an opportunity to international brands to open exclusive online stores and directly sell products to Chinese consumers without being physically present in the country. Evolution of these online sales channels has made various categories of products and brands easily accessible to consumers and catalyzed the growth of the market.

Market Summary

– Product Type Insights:

On the basis of product type, plush toys are the most popular type of toys in China. Other major product types include infant /pre-school toys, activity toys, dolls, games and puzzles, construction and building toys, electronic/remote control toys, sports and outdoor play toys, ride-ons and others.

– End-User Insights:

Based on the end-user, the report finds that unisex toys dominated the market. Unisex toys were followed by the girls’ and boys’ segments.

– Distribution Channel Insights:

On the basis of distribution channel, the market has been segmented into specialty toy chain stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets, departmental stores and online. Currently, specialty toy chain stores represent the largest distribution channel as these stores have well established networks and offer a wide range of products.

– Province Insights:

Based on the province, Guangdong enjoys the leading position in the market. Other major provinces are Jiangsu, Shandong, Zhejiang and Henan Province.

– Competitive Landscape:

The toy market in China consists of both local and international manufacturers. The report provides a list of the key manufacturers across all major product types.

With the continuous improvement and reform of China’s toy supply chain and the gradual development of the toys consumer market over the global which go to a more intelligent and educational direction, improving their own toys supply chain is also the future strategic direction of many toy importers and wholesalers. If you encounter difficulties in sourcing or developing your own toys, please contact us, we will bring you professional sourcing service.

FQAs for Your Toy Business

Q1. How to start my toy business?

This is a good question for a new toy business starter.Before you come to china to select the toys and order them,Better you do some homework first.Or you will be like one of my United State customers, he is happy to fly to China, but after check million of toys design here, he gets confused and does not have an idea what he want.

Below it is 3 tip for your homework:

First one, the toys category; The second one, Check your selling market; The third one, setting your profit.

Q2. How to check toy quotation list?

The quotation list contain “Unit Price-Name-Pic-QTY-MOQ -Size-G.W & N.W-Certifactions”

Toy quotation list-Ruizhi sourcing

Q3. What can be found in the China toys wholesale market?

In fact, 70% of toys selling in your country now is made in China, Even as per visitors’ feedback, they found in China market, 60% of toys they never see before, It doesn’t mean this 60% all is a new item, one reasion is no importer buy that item to sale in your country, another reason is those toys item do not match your country market to sale.

Regional Distribution of China Toy Enterprises-Ruizhi sourcing

Q4. How do I ensure compliance with relevant toy safety standards?

Ensuring compliance requires that you first confirm which standards apply to your product. Specific details, covering chemicals, heavy metals, and physical properties can be found in all ASTM and EN standards. Further, you must also create label files, get your product lab tested and issue documentation.

Keep in mind that toy manufacturers in China, and elsewhere, are not compliance experts. It’s up to you to manage the process, and all documents must be issued in your company name, and valid for your products.

You cannot use the supplier’s own test reports or compliance documents.

Q5. What can happen if I import non-compliant toys?

Importing non-compliant toys and other children’s products is illegal and can result in a forced recall. If someone is injured by your products, you will face far more severe consequences.It goes without saying that the authorities have good reasons to be even more strict when it comes to toys and children’s products.

Q6. Why don’t toy manufacturers in China take responsibility for product compliance?

Because it’s not their job to keep track of product regulations and safety standards in other countries. It’s up to you as an importer to ensure that you provide the manufacturer with a product design that is “designed for compliance”. This means that you must take the following into consideration:

1. The product must be designed according to the applicable safety standards (e.g. no small or removable parts)

2. You must create the correct label files for the product and the packaging

3. You must book lab testing to verify compliance

4. You must create all mandatory documents, such as the CPC in the United States or the DOC in the EU

Toy manufacturers, in China and elsewhere, are not retailers. They manufacture toys according to specifications. Keep in mind that this is not unique to toy manufacturers in China, but also applies to those based in Vietnam, India, and elsewhere.

Their job is done when they deliver the product, and it’s up to you to ensure that the design is inherently compliant.

Q7. Is it possible to import private label toys from China?

Yes, some suppliers offer a range of standardized private label products. This practice is fairly common among plastic and wooden toy manufacturers.

The benefit, compared to importing custom-designed toys, is that you can significantly reduce or even eliminate the tooling cost. You don’t need to pay for molds that already exist. It can also speed up time to market as the sampling process can be wrapped up in weeks rather than months.

However, private-label toys are still subject to the same toy safety standards and other compliance requirements as all other toys. At the very least you’ll need to:

1. Submit the private label toy for third-party lab testing

2. Create label files (e.g. CE mark or CPSIA tracking label)

3. Create compliance documents (e.g. CPC, DoC, and technical file)

Q8. What is the MOQ when importing toys from China?

Most suppliers set a minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirement between 500 to 1000 pcs per order. There may be some flexibility when it comes to the MOQ per design, color, and material.

Q9. Can I order China toy products from these suppliers?

Yes, you can order pre-production samples from the supplier, before you commit to a larger production run. Before doing so, however, you need to prepare a product specification, which normally includes the following:

Design drawings / Bill of materials / Label files / Compliance requirements (e.g, ASTM F963)

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