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product engineering services-Ocean theme series watch
product engineering services-Ocean theme series watch
product engineering services-Ocean theme series watch
product engineering services-Ocean theme series watch
product engineering services-Ocean theme series watch
product engineering services-Ocean theme series watch
product engineering services-Ocean theme series watch
product engineering services-Ocean theme series watch
product engineering services-Ocean theme series watch
product engineering services-Ocean theme series watch
product engineering services-Ocean theme series watch
product engineering services-Ocean theme series watch

Ocean theme series watch project for Vietnam Mobile World

Exported Country: Vietnam
Customer: Chain Retail
Delivery Time: 370 days
OEM customization / Design a series of proposals for the local market

Vietnam-Mobile World Watch requirements background

Background: MWG Group of Vietnam and its subsidiaries provide sales and maintenance services for telephone, information technology equipment and accessories, cameras, digital equipment, electronic equipment, home appliances and related accessories in Vietnam. In Vietnam, there are more than 2300 local 3C shops, taking up 65% of the country's market share. Born in September 2019, MWG is a well- known brand in Vietnam promoting their own men's stainless steel case watch. MWG plans to launch a new theme watch series in 2022.


The product was successfully completed and delivered to the customer appointed forwarder.

After more than a year of tripartite communication and coordination (Ruizhi Sourcing -factory-customer) and after proposal, design, comparison, selection, proofing and confirmation, together with 2-month of production (raw material follow-up—quality inspection—100% inspection in factories—Ruizhi Sourcing random inspection), we finally completed the delivery of MWG's own brand Ocean series watches.


MWG's inquiry and request for purchase

When communicating with client MWG in Vietnam, our client put forward the following requirements:

product engineering services-requirement

Exported Countries: Vietnam

Products: New Series watches for 2022 

Number: 3800Set

Requirements: The product design should refer to some big brands. The style should be simple with a typical theme and it should agree with the local Vietnamese people and customs.

1. Clients gave a range of styles, case sizes, literal colors, strap materials, etc. according to the market.

2. Clients gave other brands for reference.

3. Clients proposed that we must propose a series of product themes in order to do promotion and marketing to create a blockbuster product in 2022.

Requirements screenshot

Extracted requirements


Communication with two long-term cooperation watch suppliers and brainstorming the design proposal

Together with our two long-term partners, we have also found another factory with good design capability that is qualified to meet our needs and those of our customers. We talked about the preliminary design requirements with them. And we organized the designers of Ruizhi Sourcing and the watch designers of the above three suppliers to discuss the watch design and come up with the relevant design proposal.


Ruizhi Sourcing and the Vietnamese team met internally to set up a project team

After two weeks of back-and-forth communication between the factory and the client, the team met to discuss and analyze the project. The most difficult part of the project was the series theme design. There are some reasons for it. The client did not give specific requirements. With such a wide design theme, it is hard for us to start the project without determining the theme first. The The design of the theme is very critical, which is the soul we give the product. It plays a decisive role in the product appearance design, future product promotion and marketing.

In order to solve this problem, we decided to brainstorm the solutions and do background research on Vietnamese culture, international famous pop elements and so on. Then, It’s up to the team and the factory to propose MVW Watch 2022 series design theme.

Product engineering services-LotusProduct engineering services-Lotus watchProduct engineering services-National StarProduct engineering services-National Star Series
Lotus series

National Star series

Product engineering services-Rainbow LoveProduct engineering services-Rainbow Love watchProduct engineering services-OceanProduct engineering services-Ocean series watch
Rainbow seriesOcean series


After the lockdown lifted, the project started. Client decided on Ocean series.

From July to September in Vietnam, Vietnam was affected by Covid-19. The city was closed for nearly three months, and the mobile world store was closed according to the requirements of the epidemic prevention and control. All aspects were affected, and the project was put on hold. The project wasn’t relaunched until the lockdown of Ho Chi Minh City was lifted. Considering that the market would be down for some time after the outbreak, the client decided to do one theme first: the Ocean series. Upon receipt of the customer's notification, Ruizhi Sourcing, based on its previous knowledge of the three factories, requested the three factories to do cost accounting according to the design drawings and from the standpoint of customer’s benefits, we selected the most cost-effective ** Watch Enterprise (Shenzhen) Co.Ltd. as the executive of the project, arranged ** Watch Enterprise (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd. to do the proofing for the watch.

product engineering services-samplesproduct engineering services-try on
Samples Try On


Vietnamese customer received the sample with great satisfaction and communicated shipment details under Purchase Order

The customer was so pleased with the sample that in addition to the Ocean series, he ordered other regular kinds in Ruizhi Sourcing and ordered them to be delivered to the designated logistics by March 20. Given that the order date fell on the Spring Festival and the production cycle of stainless steel watch was about 65-70 days, we communicated with our customer and factory on details to shorten delivery time as far as possible. As a result, the final contract was signed on February 23. The delivery date was set at the end of April to meet the customer's demand for the May Peak season.

product engineering services-purchse order

2022.1.28 Customer officially informed the Ocean series watch purchase orders by email


Ruizhi Sourcing followed up with factory production

Ada in Ruizhi Sourcing went to the factory to inspect the goods (sample comparison-appearance sampling inspection-quality sampling inspection-data verification of the whole production process), making sure all the products meet the factory standards and inform the customer to book the space. On May 9, the container was formally delivered to the customer appointed forwarder. The Vietnamese customer was very satisfied with the service of Ruizhi Sourcing. One month later, he decided to increase the order for the Lotus series.

product engineering services-spot checkproduct engineering services-Comparisonproduct engineering services-Loading

Appearance spot check

Comparison of samples and goods