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Q What’s Ruizhi Sourcing exact location?


Our headquater is based in Shenzhen. But we have derived many warehouses which are located in China (Yiwu / Shenzhen / Guangzhou), Vietnam and Thailand.

Q How many years do Ruizhi Sourcing work as a sourcing agent?


Our team covers experience in different industries. The owner has run a facility focusing on manufacturing for products relevant in mobile, and specifically expert in product engineering, and the sourcing team has the leader who has been in market research for overseas buyers for almost 10 years. We're proud of conecting the knowlege and strength of each other to realize what we want to deliver to our customers.

Q What are the products Ruizhi Sourcing specialize in?


We basically search for products according to your request and specialised in factory audit, negotiation and quality control for any industries except for food, medicine and chemical-related items, but based on our sourcing database, we've researched more on smart home appliance, apparels, kitchen items etc.. and we gradually get more customized project from "idea" to "finished product" with our internal product engineering experts. 

Q How does Ruizhi sourcing know or will find suppliers which we will suggest?


Except for the platform like alibaba, 1688 and GS, we also search for product from our offline resources to collect market info for comparison, and the most significant is to verify the suppliers' qualification and the internal management, which we would check from domestic government system for record and visit at sight for further. 

Q Does Ruizhi Sourcing have factory and product inspection checklists?


Of course we have, if you want our factory and product inspection checklists sample, you can contact us.

Q Will Ruizhi Sourcing be able to share factory addresses we source?


We're willing to take customers to visit the factories together to check at sight, so it's not an issue to share the addresses if necessary.

Q What are the pricing models Ruizhi Sourcing use?


About payment term, we normally follow the standard international term as 30% deposit againist invoice, and 70% balance before shipping. 

For the service charge, we use stage percentage based on the total value of per PO, if you want more charge detail, you can contact us, we will 

send the detail document of charge.

Q What is the number of employees Ruizhi Sourcing has?


Until Nov 2022 we have 25 employees, but we never stop finding people who is flexible enough to handle the works and have same mindset of "customer-ptiority" as us.

Q Can Ruizhi Sourcing share contacts of clients who were satisfied with our services or any other feedbacks?


We've built a long-term cooperation and partnership with Jakobsli Trading LLC to even hire their own employee to focus on their project for AMAZON FBA. DIV brands is an e-commerce companies which is doing drop shipping, who has cooperatied with us from when they've started their business. Trichord Group in UK cooperates with us for product sourcing and engineering to accomplish their own technology, as we fully understand their strict quality of process expectation. For the others I think you should review some classic cases on our website.

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