Safety Cutter-Ruizhisourcing
Safety Cutter-Ruizhisourcing
Safety Cutter-Ruizhisourcing
Safety Cutter-Ruizhisourcing
Safety Cutter-Ruizhisourcing
Safety Cutter-Ruizhisourcing
Safety Cutter-Ruizhisourcing
Safety Cutter-Ruizhisourcing

Sourcing Safety Cutter for Vantamo

Exported Country: United State
Customer: E-commerce
Delivery Time: 18days
1, Customer change the order subject from time to time base on prices, mold fee, lead time etc., what sourcing purchaser should do is trying to find out all these detail information that customer wanted to know so he can make decisions accordingly.
2, Defective products issue is always something customer’s major concern even when requiring urgent delivery, need factory pay extra attention to quality control while finish production on time.In addition, In addition, customers are persuaded to accept the new mold products to reduce the defect rate from the root.

Customer wanted to purchase two items of knife: ceramic cutter and metal cutter

E-Commerce Vantomo contact Ruizhi Sourcing to source related suppliers and fill out supplier checklists which contain suppliers and product information. Purchaser found more than 40 suppliers for these two items. Client is ready to customize this envelope knife as a gift to be sold with Identity Theft Protection Roller Stamps Wide Kit.


Client sent further requirements

According to the clinet's request, we contacted 53 safety cutter factories and studied their factory size, product information, product price and MOQ details. and sorted out "Safety Cutter Supplier Checklist", After reviewing the supplier checklist, customer make specific requirement: 

  1. Need some item with one hole for finger,

  2. Need to know why ceramic cutter is more expensive?

  3. Wanted more information for some specific factory, and asked for samples and testing videos.

Safety Cutter Supplier Checklist

Client's new requirmentPurchasing manager's reply


Client wanted to know custom mold fee and project timeline and wanted to ship goods urgently

Project timeline and costs are the concerns for customer, they need daily updates from purchaser, meaning purchaser have to gather more information with details from suppliers then pass it to customer logically.

Customer needed 5000pcs stock safety cutter ship out asap, so he required further information about prices and delivery time of suppliers and choose one that can meets their requirements. Purchaser gathered all these information so customer can make decision accordingly.


Customer confirmed the design of cutter

Finally they made decision for the ordered cutter: plastic safety cutter.

Almost all kinds of plastic cutter have hole/holes on the plastic surface, customer can not accept the hole/holes and still looked for goods in stock, purchaser had to find the specific design which without the hole/holes.

Purchaser's reply for client's doubt


Customer wanted the shipment as fast as possible

Due to the very urgent delivery schedule, customer accept products without logo, purchaser found three suppliers which have goods in stock, then customer chose one of them and placed order.

Even is a rush order, quality still a top concern for customer, purchaser had to provide specific quality requirements to supplier.

Quality's requirement for factory


Customer accepted new mold products

Defective rate 1.6% in mass production which failed to meet the requirement, mainly caused by the old mold, if using new mold then will improve product quality and reduce defective rate, but the plastic shell will has two holes which customer didn’t like.

Ruizhisourcing purchaser let factory made samples with new mold and sent photos to customer for checking and confirmation, persuaded him to accept using new mold to produce products and finally placed new order.

The old mold structure is divided into two pieces, and there is a separate plastic part at the blade, and the new mold adds two more round holes, but the plastic part is a complete set.

Old MoldNew Mold


Client require Ruizhi sourcing customize 5000 black cutter with new mold

5000pcs black cutter with logo- new mold, Ruizhi sourcing received deposit from vaidemar, purchase order and deposit payment been arrange to the factory today.

Production started with July 28 aftemoon, estimate production finish date; August 03 afternoon.

Production will be delivered to stamp factory (in Huizhou) same as previous orders.

Requirement been inform to the factory: black color and logo should be exact same as previous order, using new mold.


  1. We should fully study the customer's details of quality one by one, and communicate clearly with the factory.

  2. For products that obviously cannot meet customer requirements, customers should be decisively persuaded to change or repair moulds so as to avoid waste of time and dissatisfaction last.